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Westwood Appliances Warranty

https://bornasyterminales.com/87315-metformin-out-of-pocket-cost-93299/ 90 day repair/replacement warranty.   covid-19 zus NO REFUNDS!
Westwood Appliance shall repair appliance free of charge or replace appliance with an item of same value within 90 days of purchase, if the appliance fails mechanically.  Exceptions:  Misuse or Abuse; improper transportation and/or setup; improper use of appliances, and modifications.  Should Westwood Appliance need to make repairs, said repairs shall be complete within 7 business days of receipt of appliance.  This is an IN-SHOP policy, meaning that unless Westwood Appliance delivered the appliance, the customer must bring the appliance to Westwood Appliance for repair or replacement.  Westwood Appliance shall not be responsible for any damage caused by appliance failure such as food loss or flooding.  Westwood Appliance shall not be responsible for any damage caused by appliance installation such as: water leaks, torn flooring, and scratched cabinetry or walls.  All repair or replacement policies are null and void should any of the aforementioned exemptions are discovered.

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